PR Legal Issues

September 4, 2009 at 4:38 PM (PR Connections, PRCA 3330)

A public relations practitioner is liable for anything that they make publis so they must really watch their back and check things over thouroughly unless they want to get mixed up in a lawsuit of some sort. You must really do your homework in order to stay out of legal trouble. You can potentiallydefame someone through libel (written defamation) or slander (oral defamation). One thing that is protected however with defamation cases in the fair comment defense. Basically this is saying that if you use “In my opinion…” or “I believe…” and things that clearly state that what is being said is your feeligns then you can be protected against defamation cases.

 Another thing public relations practitioners have to be aware of is copyrights. You must, must, must claim rights to your work unless you want someone else to take the credit for it or never be able to useit again. A copyright is a way to protect your work from unauthorized use. If material is copyrighted then your work is protected and is owned by you not the company or corporation you send it to. The only way copyrighted material can be used is throught the fair use doctrine. This doctrine allows limited use of copyrighted material and you must give the original author attribution and use quotation marks properly. Here is an example of how copyrights can go wrong.


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Public Relations events

April 30, 2009 at 8:30 PM (PR Connections)

Want to know of some public relations events? Check out this calendar

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New PRSSA Comittee elected

April 30, 2009 at 8:29 PM (PR Connections)

More than 200 new members from around the country went to New Orleans to elect a new national PRSSA comittee. It all began on March 26, 2009. Students prepared presentations and speeches as to reasons why they would be good for the committee and they were judged by a panel of professionals along with a CW Network representative. Out of the 200 students involved in the election only 8 were chosen to be apart of the national committee and represent the PRSSA. Congratulations on making the committee! Check out the eight students

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PR Info

April 28, 2009 at 11:41 PM (PR Connections)

Want to find out what’s going on in the world? Public Relations is a way of putting out that information and getting it to the public. From carpet samples to political campaigns PR does it all! check out this site to learn about things going on in the world. Learn about breaking news, events, jobs, and much much more!

One thing I really like about this site is that I feel as though I get a lot of information about what is going on without having to switch from news channel to newchannel and watch hours and hours of reports. The news is right there at your fingertips and just a click away. More importantly PRWeek, is really focused on the world of public relations, which is great for me because I can look at and read about things that I could possible be doing after I graduate. Not only is the website helpful, but subscribing to the magazine can be beneficial as well.

Latest Issue of PRWeek

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PR Professional Interview

April 8, 2009 at 5:11 PM (Assignments, PR Connections)

There aren’t many people that say that they don’t like to travel. One of my biggest dreams is to travel all over and experience this huge world to the fullest. This is why I chose a travel bureau for my Public Realtions professional interview. Maybe Milledgeville, Georgia doesn’t sound quite as exciting or exoctic like other locations, but this is a city of lots of history. The company I chose is The Milledgeville Georgia Convention and Visitors Bureau. This company helps people in planning for any kind of business whether it be for  business needs or just to learn more about Milledgeville. It offers all kinds of information from local events to water, trash, and sewage information. This company is completely in tune with the city of Milledgeville and offers an array of any information needed.

The person I conducted my interview with was Heather Kennedy. Heather is a 2003 graduate of Georgia College and State University. She has her B.S. in Public Relations, but she did tell me it took her a couple of times to find the right major for her. Whe nshe first entered college she was a psychology major and then took a complete 180 and went for pre-vet. In the end Heather chose the right major for her future and went with public relations. She is now the event coordinator at The Milledgeville Georgia Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Here are some more questions asked:

  • Did your education prepare you for your career in public relations? “For the most part yes. I loved the classes because it wasn’t stressful. There weren’t many tests, which I liked very much. I would have to say that my internships were the most helpful. I took about 300 hours for internships (which included 3 practicums). The internships were helpful because you got to experience pretty much every aspect of public relations. It really helped me to decided with path I wanted to take after graduation.”
  • What is your typical work week like? Is it well scheduled? “My typical work week is not a perfect routine. Everyday is different. I never really know what I will be doing next, and that can be exciting”
  • Is writing important with your job? “I use writing quite a bit with my job. I do occasional press releases and I also help with my company’s website.”
  • What has surprised you the most about the public relations field? “How broad this field is! I started to realize all the different options and opportunities I had while starting my internships. there are so many different roads you can take with this degree. It’s amazing!”
  • What tip(s) would you give to someone like me starting out in Public Relations? “Network, network, network! Whether it be a business card or resume. Keep something with you that you can hand out. You never know who you will meet in this field or when a great opportunity will arise.”
  • When someone is looking to be hiried for an entry-level PR position, what does your company look for the most? “Like I said before, someone that networks. If you are confident in yourself and put yourself out there it shows others that you are someone that would be great for this company.”

After my interview with Heather I feel completely confident that I chose the right career path for me. I loved how she felt it was so broad and she really made me excited about starting internships in the future. I am extremely excited about my future and can not wait to really get started!!!

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