Pros and Cons of Social Media

February 8, 2010 at 6:41 PM (PRCA 3711)

As we all know social media has become extremely popular these last few years. It seems to really be taking over, especially in the communication and marketing world. There are not many people now-a-days that do no have a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter account, or blogs. These are all different types of social media networks.

For me Facebook was my first adventure into the social media world. I started my profile there about four years ago. When I started then, I had no idea that it would boom into what it is now. Facebook is now used for advertisement for many different companies and campaigns. If you would have asked me when I started if I would be “friends” with some of the companies that I am now I would have never believed it, but it has happened.

The social media boom has made it possible for people to connect with customers or employers on a one-on-one basis. It has provided the option for opinions and critiques of products and services to be heard. Social media is also a way to market yourself. You can use your Twitter account or blog to connect with professionals. You can ask questions, build relationships, make connections, and gain experiences with people you would have never thought possible.

Before you decide to join to world of social media you should read my list of pros and cons of social media.


  • This is where society is moving– according to socialmediau 80% of young adults use social networks and each day there are approximately 500,000 new members on social networks. Social networking is the “now” thing and I don’t think that it is just a fad. This is something that has really opened the doors of communication to people who would have thought before would never be heard.
  • Open to anyone, anywhere– as long as you have access to the internet you have access to a social network. You don’t have to be of a certain age, race, ethnicity, or place to become apart of the world of social media. There is no discrimination. Everyone has the opportunity to join in and have their voice be heard.
  •  Cost efficient– most networks are free to join and are cheaper than other marketing methods such as radio/television commercials . The only cost for most would if a company decided to hire a team to handle the site.
  • Build relationships– with social networks you can build relationships with people or companies that you would have never thought possible. You can use these networks to put out information about you or to research info about others. Blog comments, wall posts, tweets are all ways of connecting with others and building a relationship.
  • Free feedback– this is especially helpful for companies. They are able to join a network and have customers be able to visit their site or page and leave comments and feedback about certain products or services. It is also much faster and easier for the customer to leave their feedback.


  • Time consuming– managing a social networking site does take up a lot of time. You have to be sure to have the info out in a timely fashion and make sure that it is edited appropriately. There needs to be time set aside to read and respond to comments or feedback.
  • Spam– this will always be a problem I think. When there is a site that is pretty much open to anyone it makes it that much easier for your site to receive spam.
  • Creativity– it does become hard to keep your site creative and standing out from the rest especially when chances are there are thousands and thousands of other sites just like that one.

This is a powerpoint I found on Slideshare that has some interesting facts about social media and what it has become today.



  1. Sarah said,

    I think that after learning from our pr courses that social media offers a lot of pros for getting out into the real world, and also once you’re in the business world. I am still getting used to Twitter and the blogging thing! But it has definitely very helpful with building relationships.

  2. mspille1 said,

    Facebook was also my first social media adventure 5 years ago! I would have never thought that it would have turned into what it has now! It was only for college students when I joined, and now you have people of all ages, every advertisement you can think of, and several different businesses. It is definitely turned into a great way for businesses to get their name out to the public and open up networking opportunities for people. Also, I enjoyed your slide show! The facts it included were insane! Social media is definitely more than just a trend or fad. People are actually hired for jobs simply to blog or twitter for an event!

  3. Comments « Meghan's Public Relations Blog said,

    […] 9. Ashley Renfroe’s Pros and Cons of Social Media. […]

  4. dsmilez said,

    Your blog on social media… I LIKED A LOT ! I agree with you on the fact that social media is extremely popular. It is dominating from all aspects, and if you aren’t knowledgeable on the subject you might find yourself on the loosing end. I enjoy Facebook the most also, although it looks like soon Facebook will be taking a backseat to Twitter. Highlighting the professional reasons of why social media is important was a good idea. People need to know that through social media you can connect with customers or employers on a personal basis, that it provides ways for people to give opinion and suggestions on potential products and services, and that you can market yourself with social media. The possibilities are endless.

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