Body Language & Nonverbal Comm.: PRCA 3711

January 28, 2010 at 7:33 PM (PRCA 3711)

You always know to prepare for an interview. You know to research the company and put down your best skills for that job. Make up some questions that your potential employer could ask and practice your best possible answer. Unfortunately physical communication may not be the only thing that you should remember to perfect. Nonverbal communication and body language are another thing that employers pay attention to during an interview. They are things that can potentially hurt or help you. It is really all about first impressions. Clothing, posture, and facial expressions are all included in nonverbal communication and these are things that an employer notices and takes into consideration during an interview. These types of things can serve as clues as to who you are in the workplace. It’s just like the dating world, someone may look perfect on paper, but that is not the only thing that someone wants. An employer  wants someone that looks good on paper and portrays those skills and characteristics in person as well.

Here are some helpful hints and explanations:

  1. Make sure you appear to be professional. (A good first impression is always a good thing to have; you don’t want to walk into an interview looking unkempt; unless you just happen to get lucky like Chris Gardner (“Prusuit of Happyness”))
  2. Be polite. (I know we have heard that so much during our lives, but politeness can be key. An employer looks for someone that can be able to work well with others whether they be customers, clients, or co-workers; PR has a lot of teamwork invovled)
  3. Posture. (Don’t slouch! You need to appear to be engaged in the interview so sit up straight and look professional. Bad posture can make you look lazy or too relaxed for the moment. An employer wants someone that is ready to work and someone that is alert. They don’t want someone that looks as though they will need a break every 10 minutes)
  4. Bring a pen and paper. (This can make you seem as though you are willing to learn and it helps you from twiddling your thumbs or something that makes you look like you aren’t paying attention; it can also help you with other interviews if you happen to not get that one; it’s always good to know what employers are looking for so that you make the best impression you can to get the job you are aiming for)
  5. Eye contact (Make eye contact with the person who greets you and interviews you; looking down or away the whole time can make you look nervous or not confident in yourself, but be sure not to stare that can make someone uncomfortable. I think Mrs. Nixon has a good example of that, if you have ever been in her classes)
  6. Be aware of your facial expressions. (This can really put an employer off if someone looks bored, scared, or extremely confused; you really want to look interested in what the employer is saying so that you look as if you are really wanting the job)
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  1. Internships…Info, Advice, Tips « Public Relations and Me… said,

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  2. mspille1 said,

    Thanks for the good tips! I especially liked the video you posted! It is interesting to me that 85% of what you say is not with words. It is expressed through your tone of your voice, body language, how you sit and your eye contact. You have to remember to be aware of not only what you’re saying, but also what you’re doing during an interview. The fidgeting part of the video is so true! Most of the time people do not even realize they’re fidgeting, but an employer will pick up on that and assume you are uncomfortable. This is definitely something to keep in mind during an interview!

  3. Comments « Meghan's Public Relations Blog said,

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  4. dsmilez said,

    The Body Language and Nonverbal Communication blog you did was nicely put together. First impressions are lasting ones. Recommending professional attire, becoming posture, and facial expressions are definitely apart of nonverbal communication. Non-verbals are just as important as your verbals. They are constantly being examined by the employer. I agree with the helpful hints and explanations provided. A professional appearance, being polite and mannerly, bringing pen and pad, and good eye contact are all important during an interview. I enjoyed your blog and the additional links and video. Very helpful and informative, I like the overall format of your blog. Nice job, your blogs are great.

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