Cover Letter: PRCA 3711

January 27, 2010 at 11:06 PM (PRCA 3711)

A cover letter can put you on the map. It can bring attention to you so that hopefully you will stand out among the other applicants. It can also serve as the first impression of you that the potential empolyer can get. A cover letter is like the introduction to the rest of your resume and hopefully to an interview! Let’s just call a cover letter your sales pitch for yourself. You want to provide the employer with the best information about you so that you make the “sale”.

A cover letter is something that you can use to show off your good qualities, skills, and accomplishments. Be careful not to go over board. No one wants to read a cover letter that is too long. Try to keep it at one page and focus on the things about you that would make you stand out for that certain position. You want to try to keep the employer interested. You want to keep them wanting to know more about you. Make the employer excited to learn more about you and hopefully have you in for an interview to speak with you in person.

Also making sure that your cover letter has good grammar and punctuation is a great tip. Proof-read!!! You want it to be easy to read and understandable so make sure that it is written well. Bad puncuation and misspelled words does not scream “HIRE ME!”. Your cover letter should have perfect grammar. Use spell check, proof-read, even have friends or family members read it for you as well.

You want to sell yourself to the employer and really let them know that you are the perfect person for that position and a good cover letter can definitely help you to do just that. While a cover letter may not be long you still need to know how to write one. There are guidelines that can help you create the perfect cover letter for you. Unsure of how to write a cover letter? There are plenty of examples online to help you get started.

Your cover letter needs to be to the point and concise. You want to show off your talents and make sure that they relate to the position you are applying for. A cover letter should be directed towards a specific position. You should not use the same cover letter for multiple resumes. You want to make it unique for that job and company. This also means addressing it to the right person. You may have to do a little research for that, but it makes you look as though you are really putting in some effort for the job.

REMEMBER:  Sell yourself. You want to give the employer just enough important information about you that gets their attention so that hopefully you will get an interview, call back, or possibly even a job. Keep it short, simple, and to the point. Highlight your best aspects within one page. Proof-read your letter before sending it in.

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  1. Sarah said,

    These were really good tips! I completely agree about how a cover letter needs to be concise and get the point across. After all, a hopeful employee only has a little time to catch the attention of that employer.

  2. Blog Comment « Sarah, plain and tall said,

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  3. Internships…Info, Advice, Tips « Public Relations and Me… said,

    […] tips that I have mentioned in previous blogs. You need to remember to preview your resume with a cover letter. Keep in mind that your skills are not the only thing that employee notices, your non-verbal […]

  4. allisonallmond said,

    Hi Ashley – A cover letter is such an important part of the job seeking process. It’s also, in my opinion, one of the hardest parts of getting a job. It’s so difficult to know what a potential employer wants to see in a cover letter and what will keep them interested and make them want to call you in for an interview. I wish that we could just write one generic cover letter that told a little about ourselves (all of the great things, of course), and we could just send that out to a bunch of different companies. Unfortunately, like you said, we have to customize each cover letter for the position we’re applying for and hope that the person reading it likes what we have to say. However, I think that being in a major that requires us to write so much will give us an advantage over people in other majors with less writing experience.

  5. Jacqueline said,

    I definitely agree with the comment you made about proper grammar use and proof reading your cover letter prior to submitting it. I do not think that the importance of this tip can be emphasized enough. Many interviewers will through out a resume without taking a second glance at it if they notive improper grammar in the cover letter. Although this tip seems basic and common knowledge it is still one of the most important tips of advice for a cover letter.

  6. dsmilez said,

    The information you gave on cover letters was well written. I agree that a cover letter can gain you attention that could potentially make you stand out from the rest. I also agree with you on the fact that cover letters are a helping tool that can be used as an outlet to show off your good qualities, skills, and success’s. I did not know that a cover letter can be too long and that it should be one page. I agree with you that keeping the employer interested is a must and that focusing on things that would make you stand out and be perfect for that specific position is key.

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