Writing, writing, and more writing!

November 30, 2009 at 4:34 PM (PRCA 3339)

There is a lot of writing in the field of public relations. From cover letters to press releases the public relations professional needs to know how to write. As I found out in college, there are many different styles of writing. At first I was not excited about learning new ways of writing. For me MLA was hard enough in grade school, but after a few papers I got the hang of it and at the time I thought that was it. Fortunately there are books for each style with lots and lots of rules. In public relations the AP style or Associated Press style is the writing style followed and used.

The AP style book can be bought, which is what I did, or it can be found online. I have recently learned about the AP style of writing within the last six months in Journalism and PR Writing classes. I still have to use my book for most of my assignments. There are so many different rules for AP. Even though most of the things that public relations professionals write, or at least the things that I have done, are usually no more than two pages. That doesn’t seem like much, but you best believe that within those two pages there are many rules to be followed. The Associated Press Stylebook is a good thing for anyone in the public reations field to have. It does come out with a new version every year, but it is not necessary to buy one every year. You can find out if any changes have been made online and decide from there if a new one is needed.


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