September 28, 2009 at 2:35 AM (PRCA 3339)

Whether you know it or not typography is a huge deal when designing a logo for your organization/ product. We recently did an activity in my PR Publications class where we had to identify a company name just by the first letter of their logo. It was actually not too hard. That goes to show that the font you choose for your organization/product really makes a difference.

A designer really wants to select a font that can represent their organization or product. You want to choose something that can set you apart from the rest and get your organization/product noticed. Choose a font that makes since with your organization, for example if you’re a charity organization you want to choose a font that reflects that not a font that reflects a new toy store. You also need to be aware of size. Don’t choose a font that overtakes your brochure, business card, flyer, etc. Try not to get carried away with tons and tons of fonts while also not being too boring by using the same font throughout your whole publication.

 One awesome website to choose from thousands of fonts is dafont.com. This website has so many fonts to choose from, they are almost endless! Like most computers, you have a limited choice when it comes to fonts on your computer. However, there is a way to overcome that. You can get free, legal fonts on your computer in just a few simple steps. I have recently been able to check out dafont.com personally and been able to use their fonts by following the steps that my social networking expert professor told me. You too can learn to get free fonts of your own.


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