Obama’s Healthcare Plan

September 24, 2009 at 6:49 PM (PRCA 3330)

obamaTo be honest with you I can not really give my opinion on Obama’s healthcare plan. I can safely say that I am politically challenged. I have a hard time grasping and understanding the full concept of this plan. I have heard so many things about it I can’t keep it straight. I have heard that healthcare was going to be available to all persons, that abortion will be added into the plan, and other things.  Along with all of that I have heard argument after argument about why people disagree or agree with the plan. However every time I hear an argument it is about a different aspect of the healthcare plan so I have a hard time piecing every thing together to get a full understanding of what Obama’s plan is. So I can not sit here and say that I agree or disagree, like or dislike the new healthcare plan.

I know that I should really be more in tune with these types of things because ultimately it will affect me in some way, maybe not right at this moment but some time in the near or far future. After writing this blog I will have to make myself sit down at some point and do some research! Maybe then I won’t just have to listen to all the arugments around me, I can actually join in and voice my opinion.


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