Segmenting Publics

September 21, 2009 at 3:52 PM (PRCA 3339)

To get your product, event, etc known you really have to know your audience. Basically you are segmenting your public. You want to be able to target your audience so that you get the most bang for your buck (hah). It’s almost a way to narrow down your advertisements to the people it will reach or to the people that will benefit from it the most.

In our textbook it breaks down the publics into 6 different publics: generations, life stages, social classes, education, gender, and national origin. For class we had to pick a client to do things for throughout the semester. One thing we will have to do is make a brochure. Before any of this is done we will have to decide how we will segement our publics.

I chose Habitat for Humanity as my client. For my client I would like to bring in as many volunteers as I can. I want to have people know that this organization can benefit many people including yourself. I’m not sure if I would just want to target my audience to one particular group, but I do think that I would focus on life stages, especially provisional adulthood (18-29 yrs. of age).

I think that that would be my best public to target because at that age you are looking to get into school for a higher education, an internship for experience, or a job. I would point out to those people that working with this organizaion can really benefit you. It looks great on a resume or transcript. I want for my target audience to be interested in the benefits of this organization and hopefully persuading them to volunteer.

I don’t think that the design of my brochure will be too impacted by my target audience, but maybe some of the information will appeal more to them as they read. However that is just what I am saying now, that could change as I learn more in PR Publications.


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