Low Supply of Flu Vaccine

September 16, 2009 at 2:31 AM (PRCA 3330)


People are constantly hearing about the swine flu. While it is not life threatening, in most cases, it is still a concern for many. Unfortunately the flu season has not even hit yet, which causes even greater concerns. There is a vaccine for the swine flu, but there isn’t enough of it to help all of Americans.

For my PR Writing class we had to chose a news article and discuss why it was newsworthy. I chose Vaccine Supply May Miss Swine Flu Peak. I felt that because this was something that a lot of people are talking about especially where I go to school at Georgia Southern University. This issue was something that people would be interested in. People want to know when they are at risk of catching something. You always here when there is some bug going around. This article not only informed me, but I also passed the information along to others so I knew that this story had to be newsworthy if even I was talking about it in conversation.

The article talks about how the vaccine created for the swine flu is effective, but that there isn’t enough to help everyone out. It says that the peak of the regular flu season usually doesn’t hit until January, but they are predicting that the peak of the swine flu will be earlier than that. That causes problems because if the swine flu peak comes early there will not be enough vaccine for the people that will need it. The vaccine will help some, but for others they will have to be extremely careful and carry lots of hand sanitizer!


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