CRAP…not literally!

September 14, 2009 at 4:18 PM (PRCA 3339)

In PR Publications this semester we recently talked about CRAP, which is an acronym for: Contrast, Repitition, Alignment, and Proximity. Robin Williams, not the actor, is responsible for this. Contrast refers to size, shape, color that distinguishes words from other words. Repitition is meaning that something should be streamlined. Don’t use too many fonts, types of bullets, make things easy to read and focus on. Alignment is to be aware of where you put your information on a page. All-centered text can be boring! Proximity means what it sounds like. Put information that goes together, together.

For me personally I think that contrast is most important or I look at contrast more. Most of the information I come across is on campus. When I’m on campus I am generally in a hurry so the only way I will notice something is if it catches my eye. I normally only look at the bolded items too to get the just of the information. Chances are I won’t look at something that is all the same size, font, and color. I’m like a small child, I need something to catch my eye.


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