Good News PR Majors!!

August 20, 2009 at 6:47 PM (PRCA 3339)

College grads with combined degrees in pr, journalism, or other communication-based degrees are looking at a bright future. According to the United States Department of Labor the opportunities in the job field for someone with a communication major, minor, and experience are a little more promising than others at the moment. Communication is essential in any job and someone that has spent time studying that may have the upper hand. So keep your heads up communication majors and minors the world awaits your knowledge!!!



  1. justin jurgensen said,

    Awesome news. I love journalism and writing as well as PR. This is great news for people in our field(s). I may actually consider getting a minor in journalism now that I heard this news!

  2. justin jurgensen said,

    sorry, put my wrong website…..

    it is

  3. Brittney Lindsay said,

    That is great news! I’m already a PR major and I’m considering changing my minor to communication studies. This is something that reassures our future. All Comm majors need to stick together! Thanks for the information!

  4. meghanc99 said,

    That is so terrific to hear! I am graduating in May and am honestly a little nervous about job searching (especially due to the recession) so this information is very uplifting! Thanks!

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