Break Ins

August 20, 2009 at 1:45 AM (PRCA 3330)

It really upsets me at the thought of all the break-ins that have occured already and we have not even made it through the first week of school yet. I personally live off-campus and the street that I live in has had over 3 break-ins in houses and cars over the past 2 weeks! I’m not really sure what we can do as a public other than lock your doors and keep your fingers crossed that your stuff will be there the next day, but I definitely think there is a way that people could feel more safe when they leave their items in their cars or at their homes unattended.


I am going to speak for people that live off-campus because I have never lived on campus and can’t really make a comparison. Perhaps a cop could make more rounds on streets at night. Especially where there are places without street lights. This could make people feel a little bit better knowing that there is someone keeping a look out for the wrong-doers. I don’t really know if there is anything else that someone can do to make someone feel more safe. Maybe apartment owners can issue out alarms that people can opt to have or not for a small fee or property owners can figure out ways to have a neighborhood watch type thing. Other than that I say lock your doors at all times and bring in valuable item from your cars at night.


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