Communication (chp. 7)

April 27, 2009 at 7:54 PM (Assignments)

communication by c0y0te7.

There are key points of communicaton. Communication is an extreme step in the public relations process. This is the part that is most visible to the public. In order for a message to to be effective it must in some way inform, persuade, motivate, or achieve mutual undersatnding. In order to get a message across a couple of things must happen.

  • RECEIVING THE MESSAGE- the message should be sent out and received.
  • PAYING ATTENTION TO THE MESSAGE- gain the audience’s attention so that they will listen!
  • UNDERSTANDING THE MESSAGE- make the message clear and concise; don’t be discriminatory!
  • BELIEVING THE MESSAGE- the message needs to be beliveable; have good sources and build your credibility
  • REMEMBERING THE MESSAGE- try many different facets of conveying a message so that it is remembered
  • ACTING ON THE MESSAGE- was the recipient effected by the message? did something come out of sending the message?

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  1. Kristen McBride said,

    I like the image you put with the post. It made me really want to read your post. Good luck with your future in PR!

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