Program Planning (chp. 6)

April 22, 2009 at 7:36 PM (Assignments)

Plan, plan, plan!!!! In public relations it is always good to have a well thought out plan, backup plans are also good to have just in case. The planning process comes after the research is done and understood. Planning prevents mistakes, which can happen to anyone! A well thought out plan will keep the program running like a well-oiled ship.

A PR plan consists of 8 Basic Elements:

  1. SITUATION: clear understanding of the situation is needed for  clear, concise planning
  2. OBJECTIVES: once situation is understood, it is time to establish objectives and get news out to the public
  3. TARGET AUDIENCE: be aware of who will be listening
  4. STRATEGY: an outline of how objectives will be achieved
  5. TACTICS: the specific work done to achieve the objective
  6. CALENDAR: how long will this take? what needs to be done and by when? all about scheduling
  7. BUDGET: you can’t spend what you don’t have
  8. EVALUATION: was the objective achieved? were you successful?

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