April 7, 2009 at 1:41 AM (Assignments)

podFor class this past Wednesday we were asked to listen to a podcast for an hour. I have never listened to one before so I was unsure at first of what to listen to, but our professor gave us some choices that she thought would be good. The one I chose was Managing the Gray with C.C. Chapman. While this was my first time listening to a podcast, I really enjoyed it and feel as though this could be a great outlet for me to learn more about what is going on not only in the world of public relations but the WHOLE world!

I really feel as though I chose the right podcast to listen to because it was all about social media and I have learned this semester that social media is really breaking through in the field of public relations. My professor Barbara Nixon, who you can learn more about at http://publicrealtionsmatters.com , has really opened my eyes to how much social media has taken over and how much you can learn through it.

Chapman discussed facebook, which I am personally addicted to, and twitter, I am fairly new to the twitter world but loving it. I liked this podcast because I could relate to the topic and really take in what was being said. Chapman was really adament about gaining attention and making connections so that your audience will remember what is being said. Social media, facebook and twitter, is a way of putting information out there for people to read and listen to. Use these venues to your advantage and get yourself out there!!

Check out Managing the Gray yourself and see what you think… http://www.managingthegray.com/


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