What is Public Relations? (chp 1)

March 30, 2009 at 3:45 PM (Assignments)

Public relations is more than just what you see on the news or on televsion. I has many parts to what make up this profession, many behind the scene aspects. There are many ways to sit and define and describe public relations, but in the related text for my Intro to PR class (Public Relations: Strategies and  Tactics 9th Edition) there are only a few key words to remember in order to understand the braod scope of Public relations:

  • DELIBERANCE: public relations is all about influencing people and their thoughts and beliefs
  • PLANNED: extrmely planned out; must run like a well oiled ship
  • PERFORMANCE: this the effectiveness of the job; a hypocritical slogan for a company will not gain good recognition
  • PUBLIC INTEREST: the public must benefit in some way too; a company that takes to heart the interest of the public can go far
  • TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: feedback, feedback, feedback; without feedback there is no way to know how to improve on something
  • MANGAGEMENT FUNCTION: public relations is more than just the outting of news, it is all about strategy and decision making

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