Public Opinion and Persuasion (chp 9)

March 25, 2009 at 6:38 PM (Assignments)

Media effects opinions and attitudes greatly. It has a way of telling people how to feel about situations. Especially when someone is unfamiliar with the topic and doesn’t have strong feelings about it. Those are the type of people who are truly affected by the media. Because the media is so fast paced now-a-days and has many differnt facets such as television, radio, internet, and others it has an advantage of twisting peoples views. Because they are so fast they can get news out there first which will mean the listeners or readers will have less things to compare that news to.

Another way media has an advantage of changing opinions and attitudes of the public is that most of the media comes from an official source who has good credibility and has the reputation of a good reporter. When official sources put out information fast and early, public relations then has the opportunity to add emphasis to the story later and twist opinions of the public (Wilcox, Cameron, Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics).


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