10 things to know about job searching…

March 2, 2009 at 7:47 PM (Assignments)

Here is a list of 10 things to know while going through the job search process that will hopefully only benefit you!

1. Research the company! It is always good to know what the company is about and what they do so that if they ask you why you want this job you will have a good answer. It can also show the interviewer that you are interested in the company and really want the job.

2. Have questions in mind to ask the interviewer. Chances are at the end of the interview you will be asked if you have any questions about the position you wish to fill or what about the company interests you. It really shows the interviewer that you are really wanting the job.

3. Do a trial run with your web-cam. Sometimes a company can be in other town, city, or state. If this happens sometimes the interview will be conducted on line via web-cam. In this situation make sure your web-cam is working properly and have the space neat and clean.

4. Thank you letters, send two! Most people have heard of sending a thank you letter after the interview, but now two is a good choice. Send one hand-written letter and send another via email immediately after the interview. This way your name is remembered more and it shows that you are persistent and want the job.

5. Don’t wear something that you are uncomfortable wearing. This is generally pointed towards women. I f you are a woman that never wears skirts, then your best bet is to by pass the skirt for the interview and go for a pants suit. If you are uncomfortable it normally shows and this can also make the interviewer uncomfortable.

6. Wear name tag on the right. If it is required, such as at job fairs, the name tag should be on the right because we shake with our right hands so that is where the eyes are already focused is to the right side.

7. Have good posture. This shows that you are confident in yourself. No one wants someone who is slouched over and looks as though they they are not confident in their selves and their abilities.

8. If possible eat before the interview. This can help to aviod funny noises during the interview.

9. Appearance matters. Look nice for your interview. Even if it is a job where you know you will not have to wear nice clothes if you get the job, you still want a good first impression, and nothing says good impression like a nice suit!

10. Follow up and be persistent. If this is a position where there were numerous people being interviewed, chances are they will have a hard time remembering each and every person. Leave a business card, send an e-mail, phone them.


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