February 2, 2009 at 4:43 PM (Assignments)

Ok so I have been using twitter for the first time ever these past two or three weeks for my Intro to Public Relations class. At first I was soooo confused. I am feeling much more confident in my twittering abilities.  I felt like a person in some foreign country where I had no idea how to communicate with others. I was definitley lost at first! After about the first week I began to get the hang of it and really tried to follow more people and reply to as many updates of others as possible. Once i began to reply to others I saw that more and more people began to follow me. People that I have never heard of before began to follow me. I did decide to follow some back that I felt would benefit me personally and educationally.  I seriously thought that I would only have like 10, at the most, followers on twitter and now I’m up to 40! It is really amazing at how many things you can learn just by looking at updates people put up about theirselves. So far I am really enjoying twitter and hoping that I can learn to love it and have it benefit me in my future in public relations. Anyone looking for a way to meet new, different people should definitley join twitter! if you decide to join come and follow me AshleyRenfroe.


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  1. Barbara Nixon said,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the One Week of Twitter experience. I’m glad you see the potential in Twitter for PR practitioners.

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